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In fact, in the relatively short time Morton spends in Bogota, he and his crew even run across a group of killers, but they manage to escape with their lives.During the Pasola, horsemen armed with blunt spears charge across an open field, hurling sticks at enemy riders.Our World Top 10 Rare And Large Greek Archaeological Discoveries.Everything with the topic 'Hbo' on VICE. Everything with the topic 'Hbo' on VICE. Everything with the topic 'Hbo' on VICE. HBO. The VICE Guide to Right Now.The buyers at SOFEX are high-ranking generals, and the vendors are hawking the craziest weapons on the planet.

Their plots range from credit card fraud to romance scams, but they all involve visiting the local Juju priest for a special blessing.Major streets and neighborhoods were dotted with checkpoints where guards searched vehicles with ineffective bomb detectors.On tomorrow’s episode of Vice,. Find out how to do it yourself in the clip above from Vice, which airs tomorrow at 11 p.m. on HBO. Wired Youtube; Wired Tumblr.The rising director/writer/visionary/part-time rapper announced that Insecure will return for a third season on HBO. The… Watch Video Vixen.And as Vice co-founder Shane Smith discovered, over 300 top dog generals sit in attendance, all armed with loads of cash.

In a new half-hour news-magazine series on HBO, titled "VICE" and. to a generation raised on gross-out YouTube. HuffPost News. NEWS US News.Sebastian Gorka was a wanted man the entire time he worked in White House, report says.When interviewing Waleed Nesyif, a heavy metal rocker who fled the country in 2004, Alvi learned that Baghdad is an extremely dangerous city for musicians.But the most insightful scenes come when Alvi talks to Baghdadi locals from various walks of life.HBO's investigative news series, VICE, takes a look at the future of clean energy. Is nuclear the goal? What is the role of renewables?.Vice News, to the outlet's immense credit, was on the ground to document the events in Charlottesville this weekend. Reporter Elle Reeve even embedded, for a time.Other subcultures like emo kids and biker punks are harassed as well, but the group facing the most persecution is the gay community.

Surrounded by armed bodyguards, Alvi went from store to store, admiring guns that will probably wind up in the hands of angry insurgents.In addition to the madness of the Pasola itself, the documentary provides a few odd glimpses into the daily life of the Sumbanese people.Smith actually has quite a few lackies who train at his gym and occasionally accompany him on jobs.In brand new HBO comedy series, Vice Principals, Danny McBride stars as a vice-principal gunning for his high school’s top. Subscribe to Highsnobiety on YouTube.

HBO has picked up irreverent news magazine series VICE for two more seasons. A 14-episode Season 3 will debut in 2015 and Season 4 will premiere in 2016.We see young men on cell phones, a woman wearing an anime T-shirt, and a warrior obsessed with Britney Spears.

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VICE looks at the impact of this ever-growing trade on the local and national. VICE Season Two Episode 6 Review. Jef Dinsmore. HBO, VICE or YouTube,.Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News Tonight on HBO. 2017 on HBO. Subscribe to VICE News here:. Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.5.0.These refugees from society steal to survive and spend their evenings sleeping on mats and smoking basuco (a mixture of crack residue, gas, and chemicals).Vice has gotten this far doing things differently than traditional news organizations.

This is the Sept. 25, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO. As Texans reckon with Harvey's fallout -- not only from the massive rainfall, but from the strained.

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Vice have just entered their third season on HBO and the first episode in the series is all about climate change and how it is affecting our oceans. Founder of Vice.Monday's episode of HBO's VICE News Tonight went behind the scenes of this. VICE News Tonight posts eye-opening Charlottesville episode on YouTube. HBO.

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limit my search to r/vice. use the following search parameters to narrow your. [Controversial] ( submitted 2 months ago by DoctuhD. 1 comment; share.It just so happens to be home to the largest illegal gun market on the globe.Walton Goggins discusses HBO's Vice Principals, explains why the show is a drama, teases Season 2, and talks avoiding typecasting after Justified.Extreme documentary: How Vice puts the Canon. most hostile environments and most hair-raising scenes for the HBO series Vice. Newsshooter is a place for.The latest Tweets from VICE News (@vicenews). VICE News Tonight airs Mon-Friday 7:30PM on @HBO / #VICEonHBO airs Fridays 7:30PM and 11PM / SecureDrop: aside, SOFEX is the scariest convention in the world.

Overview: VICE SPECIAL REPORT: KILLING CANCER goes inside the world's most cutting-edge cancer research labs to follow the pioneering doctors and researchers who are.repeat youtube Constructing Trump's Wall & Bump Stock Bill: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO) on he staggers past fecal stalagmites and rotten rodents, Morton interviews a man whose wife was swept away by flood waters, a woman who gave birth on the streets at 15, and a guy who woke up to find something nasty chewing on his eyelid.Though fans of Neal Gamby and Lee Russell will be disappointed that they won't see any more ridiculous antics from the wannabe high school principals, the HBO series.Facts Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Presidential Press Secretaries.

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