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Other than a brief detail of what the email said, what exactly did it say.Dave, how the heck do you close your Paypal account? Home;. How do I close my Paypal account?. I had a Paypal and an Ebay account and they both got shut down.CRIMINALS spoof official PayPal emails to trick users into handing over payment and personal details.

I told a friend of mine about this and he said his account was shut down for no reason at all as well.How to Delete an eBay Account. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete an eBay account. Scroll down and click request to close your account.There is no way to prevent it. Once accounts share the same information and one has been suspended previously, eBay will just shut down the account as they prohibit.Paypal just closed my account even though I have had it for more than 10 years and in perfectly good standings.I never withdrew to bank and only bought MOs once several months ago.PayPal Account Shut Down Permanent Account Closure. Did You Know? has dug up a few dirty secrets that PayPal does not want the general public to know.PAYPAL CLOSING DOWN. Paypal account and find out Paypal and placed a "LIMITED ACTIVITY" warning on your account because they got a bee in their bonnet because you.If you are here, you are probably upset because PayPal made an arbitrary decision to shut you down and freeze your funds for no reason, or for a reason that makes no sense.

eBay Suspension & Paypal Limited. Used different paypal account with different. stop whining and come back when you can say they shut you down for the.

But I found out, you do not even need a paypal account to buy on ebay.When I contacted them, they could not offer me any reason or explanation other than that what they have decided.

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They are a shady business, but you do not realize it until you are the victim.In the last couple of years my business has grown and gradually my transactions grew larger.I also received an email that my Paypal debit card has been deactivated.My next communication with them was a permanent shutdown and holding my funds for 180 days.When a transaction is made both parts should have EQUAL protection that means the BUYER and the SELLER.

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Details about How To Prevent Your Paypal Account From Being Shut Down- 12 Videos on 1 CD.Are you considering PayPal credit card processing or accepting PayPal payments from customers? Find out what you need to know in our unbiased PayPal review.

Do you mind sharing what you were doing with the account to get an idea as to why this happened.A major Internet outage affected many of the world's biggest online firms on Friday, with websites including Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Reddit, PayPal and eBay down.

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Hi Paypal have shut down my account. It has really messed my online business up as i can not purchase or list anything online as most places accept.

Their reason for closing my account is that the account I sent money to, as a gift.I needed to use them immediately as PayPal is where I send and receive for most if not all of my transactions.PayPal Account Closed Without Any Valid Reason. “We are not comfortable with activities in your account,” said the PayPal executive who decided to close my.Then not even an hour after I gave them the info, they informed me that they can no longer do business with me anymore.PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.I just could not handle the stress that they put me through when they sent me the same notice.

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Learn how to shut down, sleep, or hibernate your PC Try. Manage my account. There are many ways to shut down your PC—you can turn the PC off.What kind of an account did you have was it business or private.

Thanks to their practices of holding money while providing zero reasonable explanation as to why or how the issue can be resolved, I have given up on them (which then means eBay too).Receiver may be shut down at any time. Oslo, Norway | Loc: JO59JV, ASL: 200. You can support OpenWebRX development via PayPal! Audio buffer [0 ms] Audio output.Shut Down George Zimmermans Donation Paypal Account. 23 likes. SHUT DOWN THE DONATION PAYPAL ACCOUNT OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN SO HE CAN NOT COLLECT DONATIONS.Ebay paypal suspension.? how can i re open new account with out bein shut down.?.