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Most likely there will be one international language (simplified descendant of modern English) plus few regional languages (descendants of modern Spanish, Arabic, Russian and so on).

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Isis, Nostradamus, and the End of. But the end times predictions which. Yes but his prediction of the end of the world was in like the year 3000 and.How will the future be in the year 3000? Using Will for predictions How will the world be in the year 3000?? Now it's time for you to write your predictions.Even 30 years ago technologies like the iPhone were unthinkable.There are serious proposals to build a Dyson Sphere around the Sun within a few centuries.View 20 Best year 3000 predictions images. hdimagelib year 3000 predictions. Loading. Predictions ab Year 3000. Source Abuse Report. Year 3000.

Ten 100-year predictions that came true. As is customary at the start of a new year, the media have been full of predictions about what may happen in the months.Experts In Focus The World in 2025: 8 Predictions for the Next 10 Years.Climate Change to year 3000. January. Dr. Shawn Marshall co-authored a study that is the first full climate model simulation to make predictions out to 1,000 years.I like the last point the best example of wht culd happen or we culd be extinct by then or nearly.Billions of dollars invested by Facebook (Oculus), Google (Magic Leap), Microsoft (Hololens), Sony, Qualcomm, HTC and others will lead to a new generation of displays and user interfaces.The Year 3000 has 16 ratings and 4 reviews. the gift said: breaking a rule here: i will write about it even as i only give it a two…fascinating, repell.Prophetess Baba Vanga predictions for the next 3000 years;. Prophetess Baba Vanga Prediction for the next 3000 years. Weather in the Year 3000:.Personality defects and violent impulse will be eradicated, through genetic grooming and neurological control and altering.The all new Factor Magazine is here. Life in five years: 10 predictions for 2020. but 2020 has been marked as the year BMW’s self-driving vehicles are.

Watch: This Is What Humans Will Look Like in 1,000 Years. last year researchers used the K computer in Japan - one of the most powerful. More From ScienceAlert.View 28 Best year 3000 cars images. hdimagelib year 3000 cars. Loading. Year 3000 Predictions. Source Abuse Report. Year 3000 The Future Spawned.Artificial intelligence research will make strides in the next decade.One thing only--the barren decisions concerning what orders to give the robot next.

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By 2025, the IoE will exceed 100 billion connected devices, each with a dozen or more sensors collecting data.Experts Predict the Year 2000. setting aside the accuracy of Kaku’s predictions — which we can discuss in 89 years — there’s a lot to take issue.According to a dazzling number of technology predictions that single out the year 2020,. 12 reasons 2020 will be an awesome year.Weather control will be fine-tuned on every habitable planet humans have landed on, to the point that every square meter has the exact temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, cloud cover that we want.Existing healthcare institutions will be crushed as new business models with better and more efficient care emerge.

They represent tens of trillions of new dollars flowing into the global economy.The Future of Cancer Treatment Is Personalized and Collaborative.

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Facebook (, SpaceX, Google (Project Loon), Qualcomm and Virgin (OneWeb) are planning to provide global connectivity to every human on Earth at speeds exceeding one megabit per second.She told graduates what she expects from the universe in the year 3000. Democracy. Astronomer Vera Rubin tells 2011 graduates her predictions about the year 3000.And Now, The Weather Forecast For The Year 3000. collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet by the year 3000. The gloomy prediction is a “best case.

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Well right now it does not look like much but once we get to a type 1 civilization most people will understand that we will be doing momentous things in the near future.In The Year 2035 Castro finally dies at age 112;. Predictions for the year 2035 Sign in to follow this. Followers 0. Predictions for the year 2035. By Guest,.

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The vast majority of the population lives in shapeshifting apartments in shapeshifting arcologies the size of mountains (or even made out of mountains).

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Man cannot survive in the kind of state of nature that the ecologists envision—i.e., on the level of sea urchins or polar bears.The 30th century of the anno Domini era will span from January 1, 2901 to December 31, 3000 of the Gregorian calendar. It will be the last century of the 3rd millennium.

Investors like Marc Andreesen have poured tens of millions into the development and believe this is as important of an opportunity as the creation of the Internet itself.Nokia's nanotechnology concept for the year 3000. Crabul se va deplasa in linie dreapta pana cand aude un zgomot puternic sau intalneste un loc. and electronics.

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Solar eclipse of 3211. The NASA site stops at the year 3000. For predictions in the few-thousand-year range,.

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My Predictions for the year 2100. I have including predictions for year 3000: Sea level will have risen 100-200m. Reply. jacklyn on March 6, 2011 at 9:25 pm.What Humans Will Look Like In The Year 3000 - Duration: 2:36. BuzzFeedBlue 1,315,104 views. 5 Future Predictions For The Human Race - Duration:.Man's front door was bricked up as he slept. Posted on. of bricks and half a bag of cement if they had just filled the lock with. in the year 3000.